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2017-08-23 23:47:39 by MidZM

Hello there, I decided to make a small news post to sort of introduce my self.

I'm an artist on DeviantART as well as a comic artist on Tapas and LineWebtoon.  I recently just finished my first full animation music video and posted it here to Newgrounds (Well I posted the version without audio due to the song being Shelter by Porter Robinson and Madeon)

Audio version can be watched here:

I've been drawing digitally for about 5+ years and always loved/wanted to animate but my lack of focus and lack of artistic ability shot that out of the sky pretty quickly until I started messing with 3D models in Blender and learned how much easier and mroe fun it is to use 3D models.  Though my 2D art was lacking immensly and my 3D was far from ever being that good so I decided to focus on my 2D and got to where I am now incorperating my 2D and 3D abilites to create the art I currently draw, as well as the comic I create on Tapas.

I don't know when I'll work on another animation like the one I recently made, but until then you can read the comic that the characters in it came from here:


Or here: DeviantART:


Thanks :)


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